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Do you really want to buy your wedding dress online...?
Buying online is a very modern and convenient way to shop. These days we tend to buy a whole host of products in this way from food, shoes, clothes, Christmas gifts and even holidays. Some of you would have even met your husband/wife to be online so may definitely consider purchasing your wedding dress this way too. What could possibly go wrong you may ask? In actual fact there are so many things that could go wrong leaving you disappointed and out of pocket.

The majority of us will have made an online purchase and then had to deal with our buyer's remorse but is it worth risking that when buying probably the most important garment that we will ever wear. The true beauty of a wedding dress is it takes time, most designers ask us to allow around 4 to 6 months (depending on the designer and available stock) when ordering our customers gowns as most of the detail is done by hand. Sewing together each layer of lace or tulle for example takes time, love and a lot of patience. There is then the bead work, embellishments and fastenings. All put together with care to ensure the quality that we as shops demand.
Buying from a stockist such as The White Wardrobe, assures you that you will receive a genuine garment from an actual bricks and mortar retailer, where we work closely with your chosen designer to ensure the best service possible. You can trust that you wont fall victim to a scam where some online sellers are using designers digital images, lulling customers into a false sense of security yet supplying a far inferior product. If you are still to be convinced, keep reading below where we can advise on why Boutique is Best.

FABRIC - Yes the fabric may be described as Tulle, Satin or Chiffon but what does that actually mean in reality? There are so many different grades of these fabrics. If it is a cheap grade tulle this can be very stiff and more suited to a fishing net than a wedding dress. It can be very itchy and uncomfortable (probably highly flammable too) and doesn’t move how you want it to do. You need to actually physically feel the fabric that you will be wearing to ensure the that the structure and support is there for your shape too.

MEASURING - Inevitably you will need to be measured for your gown. At The White Wardrobe, we have years of experience in measuring you and transposing those measurements against each designers size charts. Believe it or not most ladies wouldn’t know the difference between the high/low hip or have a clue where on the bust to measure either. If you are petite or particularly tall we may need to go for custom sizing, certainly to accommodate a particularly lacey hemline, and nothing is impossible, custom changes can sometimes also be made.

SIZE - How do you know what size to order? Many wedding dresses do not run to the high street sizes so, often you will need a larger than normal size. This cannot however be taken for granted though, as a dress silhouette can also have an impact on the fit. The vast majority of ladies will be in between sizes so why not take advantage of your boutiques expertise when deciding which is the best option for you, sometimes it is better to let a dress out a tiny bit than to order the size bigger and it be massively too big, and always remember our samples (like a pair of shoes in a shoe shop) have been worn in, so can feel less tight. 

ALTERATIONS - The most important stage of your gown purchase is when it arrives, that is when the magic happens, and before the big day you may need a few nip and tucks to make sure your gown fits perfectly to your body. At The White Wardrobe we work alongside many self employed seamstresses (whom work independently) they are available to deal with any necessary amendments. Most gowns have hidden boning and supports unlike your regular clothing so, do not just entrust your precious wedding dress to just anyone. It is very rare for a gown to fit perfectly with no alterations (if it does you are so lucky) but having people you can trust to make it perfect is so important. Our seamstresses often won't work on online dresses as the cost of the alterations can often be more than the dress is worth.

THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS AS THEY SEEM - So you have searched for that designer dress that you fell in love with that is £1800 with us but you come across a seller online that is only charging £350. Seems very tempting doesn’t it? A bargain you might think. Approach with caution though as looks can be deceiving. More and more often we are seeing online disasters where the dresses show up looking nothing at all like the real thing, or maybe its the wrong colour (or just looks a different colour in the flesh). Most of us work on a part payment basis, so again if you want your dress delivered in a year, that is ok, If you want to pay off the balance over that year, that is fine also. If you make a mistake online buy, due to time restraints, it could then make it difficult and more costly to get a replacement gown in time for your big day, so always think before making a big decision.

Save yourself the heartache and start the search for your perfect gown with a reputable local boutique. Many will come highly recommended by friends and family whom will have already enjoyed their excellent service and expert advice. 

At The White Wardrobe we welcome you and your bridal guests into our little shop, where we are very happy to assist you in finding ‘THE ONE